Mozilla Thunderbird Community Involvement

The process can be found here:(

All bugs are checked through the Mozilla Bugzilla.
Must have an account with privileges at:
The account must contribute to the community for bug fix discussion and to help identify bugs that are not yet found.

The process of contributing to the bug fixes community is described on:(
-Have a list of bugs (3 to 6) that are the best bug reports and best comments that you have done and email it to:( or contact someone on the IRC with the tag:#maildev.

The links to the IRC can be found here:(
–A Web Service called (free mibbit)
–A plugin for Mozilla Firefox (Chatzilla)
–A Client Application for your Operating System

You can then gain privileges when you have a demonstration of the bug and how it can be fix.

You can then use the privileges to check and test bugs that are still unsolved on the Bugzilla website.

The testing of bugs are handles by you, the user, and the basic instructions are listed on the site under How: (

1 – Get a Bugzilla account (
2 – Backup your data – During bug test and the bug will cause data lost.
3 – Make a test environment(optional) – a separate machine or a test account as describe here:(
4 – Get a build – This is from the version of Thunderbird you are to use/fix. Either use a current build(Trunk/Daily), “Earlybird”, Beta build or the last officially released version build.
5 – Pick a bug – The suggested bug to fix by the community from here: (
6 – Work bugs – Test the bug. Have well-documented procedures and ease of use instructions to implement that bug fix.


Bug Fixes List can be found here:(

I will be using an example from:(

#CVE-2018-12359:Buffer overflow using computed size

The details of the bug are behind a Bugzilla Account, which I currently do not have.(
Majority of the bug details are hidden behind a Bugzilla account to prevent unauthorized users and/ or malicious users gaining exploits to Thunderbird. Currently I did not make a Bugzilla account as it requires a fairly complex password to be accepted by the password complexity algorithm.

Example Bug:

There were four people involved with this bug fix:

1 – Reporter (The first person to report/ find the bug)

1 – Assignee (Someone from the community with bug testing and patch approving permissions)

2 – Commenters

Reported in June 2018; Resolved July 2018

Bug for Thunderbird 63.0


A new tab is opened in Thunderbird 63.0 and causes errors in the debug mode. Apparently the tab opened is not a “new” tab and is using a previous tab’s connection as the new tab.


Basically means the new connections are not able to start the discovery process of “new” emails or attachments and will first have to open previously opened tabs and then disconnect to establish the “new” connections.


The bug will generate excess traffic over a network and strain the network by use of repeated data. This is bad because some users may have limited bandwidth or data capacity and this excess data will cost users more money.



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